So, It's been a week since the LSU Tigers were defeated. One week since Jarett Lee did not touch the ball once. One week since everyone was screaming for him to be put in and Jefferson to be pulled!


Well, Jarrett Lee showed what he was about in the Casino Del Sol All Star Game in Tuscon, Arizona. The official stats were not released, but it appears that he finished 12 of 17 passes/completions for just under 200 yards. Lee threw 2 Touchdown passes and 0 Interceptions.

The LSU fan base has wondered "what if" for the past week. Well I'm sure that pretty much answered that question. Lee failed to see the field or take a snap because Jefferson was in the whole game. The Tigers were dominated by the Alabama Offense and Defense.

Lee was accurate with the football in the All Star Game, however the defense was limited to one blitzing player on each play, making it easier to read the defense. Lee finished his eligibility at LSU and is looking to test his skills and make a bid for the NFL.