New details have emerged about Nashville's forthcoming E3 Chophouse, a new steakhouse set to open in the city's Hillsboro Village in 2019. A partnership between Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and and former Major League Baseball player Adam LaRoche, the venture takes its name from the E3 Ranch, which is located in Kansas and owned by LaRoche and his wife. The beef served at the steakhouse will be all natural, using no antibiotics or steroid enhancements.

The E3 Chophouse will feature fine dining in another respect, too: According to the Tennessean, a portion of the restaurant's venue will be prepared tableside. Dishes featuring that component include a Caesar salad for two and a selection of desserts, and some steaks will be able to be cut to order right at patrons' tables.

Additionally, the venture will have a charitable arm. Just like the first E3 Chophouse location, which opened in Steamboat Springs, Colo. in 2013, the Nashville restaurant will donate 10 percent of net proceeds to the E3 Foundation, which fights sex trafficking and supports veterans. LaRoche tells the Tennesseean that the restaurant venture, and the causes it supports, has become his passion project since its founding.

"My passion, especially the last few years since I've been done with baseball, has been our foundation," he explains. "Hands down, I am most excited about what the Nashville restaurant could potentially do for serving other people."

In addition to supporting a good cause, the new E3 Steakhouse represents a chance for three good buddies to spend time together. LaRoche says he and the two country singers are long-time friends. In fact, his relationship with Bryan dates back to 15 years ago -- before Bryan became the superstar he is today -- when LaRoche attended one of the singer's Atlanta shows.

Around the same time, Aldean and La Roche met when Aldean sang the national anthem at an Atlanta Braves game, and the two men started chatting. They quickly learned that all three of them loved to hunt, and their friendship only grew from there.

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