The mother of a soldier showed up on a local Jeep club's Facebook post to thank the clubs for lining the streets at her son's memorial after he died in a car crash while stationed overseas.

All Jacked Up Jeepers, Louisiana Jeepers, and Bad Azz Jeepers made plans to line the procession to pay respects as soon as they got word of  SGT Justin Lile's death. Lile, a native of Franklin, was killed in a car crash while stationed in Guam as a member of the United States Army.

The funeral procession was to make its way through the Historical District in Franklin, so the Jeepers decided to line the procession in that area.

Photos were posted to Facebook of the Jeepers lined up along the procession and, in the comments section, Lile's mother took time to thank the Jeepers.


"I'm SGT Justin Lile mother. I saw every one of those jeeps and people that were honoring my son yall stuck out to me. I thank yall from the bottom of my heart yall being there means the world to me." - Gwen Mayeaux, Facebook

Hundreds of people from the community lined the streets to show the family their gratitude for the sacrifices SGT Lile was making for his country.

SGT Lile's death was not service-related, but it's still important to give proper thanks for his willingness to defend our country. We often think about the service member's sacrifices and forget about the sacrifices the families of those service members make: being without their loved one for the big events and the small events. The worry families go through when the service member is deployed or even just stationed away from home. It's tough being a service member, but it might be a little tougher to be a parent of a service member.

From us, a big thanks: to SGT Lile, for signing up to protect us and our constitution, and to the family of SGT Lile for their sacrifices during his enlistment. Our thoughts are with you.


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