Jeff Foxworthy is a great comedian, and he is famous for his "You Might Be A Redneck" quotes, and his "Redneck Dictionary."  Well Jeff finally took his jokes to politics after 53 years, he claims.  How did it turn out?

Jeff Foxworthy never wanted to be involved in Politics, but he realized that the country needed a change.  Foxworthy decided that Mitt Romney was the candidate to join forces with for the next Presidential election.

But Jeff couldn't give up his roots of comedy!  Jeff and Romney talk about hunting and being from the South, Redneck land.

"I am looking forward to going there and hunting with you sometime. And you can actually show me which end of the rifle to point," Romney joked in Mobile.

Foxworthy replies with a joke about the Dick Cheney hunting accident.

"That sounds even more dangerous than Cheney if you ask me. We may start with a BB gun and work our way up to a rifle," Foxworthy joked just after an event where he appeared on Romney's behalf in Jackson.

After Romney spent time in Mobile, AL he picked up a cool new phrase, "y'all," and he now claims to like "cheesy grits."


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