Jessica Simpson is an interesting case to study as far as fame and fortune go. A lot of people think she is the perfect dumb blond. A character she plays all the way to the bank. Her fashion empire is grossing over a billion, yes with a "b", every year. Her romance with Dallas Cowboys loser quarterback Tony Romo made tabloid headlines. Her comments about tuna fish made her America's favorite airhead. Now her business savvy and star power are bringing her back to your living room.

 That's right Jessica Simpson is going to be a mentor in a new television show on the NBC network. I think Jessica will be a great teacher since goodness knows her road to success hasn't been exactly a smooth one. Jessica seems to be an easy target for folks to crack wise and make fun.

I think she is a brilliant business woman. Her line of ladies shoes are among the sexiest in the stores if you ask me. I think she is a very talented singer and actress as well. She certainly had me believing her boots were made for walking.

You go Jessica, keep doing what you do best which is being you and proving everybody wrong.

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