Since the increased security and airport restrictions that came about after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, air passengers can understandably at times be a bit uneasy. But one would expect for the crew to manage to keep it together.

In a breaking news story, reports have surfaced of a Jet Blue pilot seemingly losing his mind mid flight. The unidentified pilot reportedly began shouting threats at the passengers, mentioning among other things al-Qaeda, terrorism, and bombs on the plane, after being kicked out of the cockpit by the crew for unruly behavior.

The screaming pilot was subdued by passengers on the plane. An off-duty captain who was also riding on the plane took over the flight and continued on to the destination as planned.

After the plane safely landed, the pilot that caused the disturbance was rushed to a hospital. He reportedly has an undisclosed medical condition that may be the cause of his outburst.

Most of the scary event was captured on a passengers camera phone. The almost surreal video shows exactly how confused and concerned the passengers were during the outburst, as well as how professionally and efficiently the crew handled the commotion

This is an ongoing story and more details will surely emerge as time goes on, but you can’t help put yourself in the shoes of the passengers and wonder what you would do if the pilot of your plane inexplicably freaked out.



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