Ok, this is really cool.

Watch as Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel gives his hat to a young fan of his while here in South Louisiana.

The network has many reporters in Louisiana to cover Hurricane Delta, but none is more recognizable than Jim Cantore. And yes, Jim and his crew have been in the Breaux Bridge area today (Thursday) covering Hurricane Delta's path.

Well, one of his young fans had the pleasure to meet, but the young fan got more than just a handshake. Cantore asked the young boy in the video below if he'd study hard if he'd give him his hat and he did.

You can hear the excitement in the young boy's voice as soon as Jim hands over his Weather Channel hat to him.

This is a day that this young boy will never forget. Isn't it awesome to see what one can do to make another's day so special?

Job well-done, Jim.


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