When you think of LSU Basketball one name certainly stands tall amongst all the great names that have played for the Tigers. That name is Pete Maravich. Many of the moves, the plays, the ball movement you see in the game today was brought about by the man they call "Pistol".  So great is the legend of Pete Maravich that the place where the Tigers host their games is named after him, alas there is no statue.

Governor Bobby Jindal has penned a  letter to officials at the university asking that they erect a statue of the man who still ranks as the leading NCAA Division I scorer with 3,667 points. While there is no denying Maravich's greatness on the court, there is still a matter of how to pay for the project that has yet to be determined.In fact in his letter to LSU Governor Jindal did not offer any suggestions or solutions on how to fund a commission statue of the former LSU standout.

Here is another oddity, even though Maravich has a building named in his honor he is not a member of the LSU Hall of Fame. This is because Maravich did not graduate and that has been a source of controversy over the years as well.  Right now the request for a statue of Pete Maravich is just that, a request. It will take a grass roots effort to create the funding to commission such a work and unfortunately many in the sport community around LSU don't see that happening anytime soon.



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