When Bobby Jindal took office as Louisiana Governor many people in our state thought that we had finally turned the corner. Those who supported Jindal thought that our state, once the butt of jokes for our politics, was about to become a well oiled model of how to take a great state and make it better. With a year and half left in his final term as governor most people in Louisiana don't feel that Bobby Jindal has lived up to the hype of his pre-election campaign promises.

The Louisiana Radio Network reported the results of a recent poll conducted by the North Carolina based firm of Public Policy Polling. Their results show a shocking drop in Jindal's approval rating among Louisiana voters.

"Just an amazing shift from four years ago at this time, when we were polling and found he was one of the most popular governors in the country,"

Those remarks were made by Tom Jensen with Public Policy Polling. He says over 600 registered voters were surveyed and that the once very popular Jindal now has an approval rating of 32 percent. That means that two out of every three Louisiana voters does not approve of the job that Jindal is doing.

Another startling statistic that was learned from the polling information was that former Governor Edwin Edwards would win in a head to head election for the state's top job if he was running against Jindal. The results of that poll showed Edwards getting 48 percent of the vote with Jindal only receiving 43%. And in the interest of full disclosure, the polling data did come from more registered Democrats than Republicans.

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