Joe Nichols hasn't just thought of using embarrassment as a way to discipline his kids when they don't do something they're supposed to do — he does it "all the time."

"I think that works way better than anything out there,” the father of three said two days before Father's Day. Oldest daughter Ashelyn gets the worst of it.

“If she was being less than behaved, I would take her to school and I would wear pajamas," the "Undone" singer confessed prior to his set at Country Jam. "Walk her all the way to her class and be like ‘You have a good honey! You have a great day!’”

“Next time, clean your room.”

It doesn't sound like any of his kids mind their adorable nicknames. Oldest daughter Ashelyn is "Doodle." Four-year-old Dylan is "Dill Pickle," and baby Georgia is "Jibbie" or sometimes just "George," because Nichols doesn't feel like saying the second syllable.

Prior to chatting about Father's Day, Nichols talked about his wife and her reaction the first time she heard his sexy new song "Undone." She liked  — a lot — but they were at Target at the time, so the singer couldn't seize the moment.

Nichols played Day 2 of of Country Jam in Colorado on Friday (June 17). His 75-minute set included his hits, as well as four new songs from his upcoming album. He also surprised the audience with covers of Hank Williams Jr. and Merle Haggard, as well as "Baby Got Back." He promises the Sir Mix-a-Lot cover will make his album, tentatively scheduled for late fall.

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