It sure seems these days that nostalgia runs rampant. Every thing we have fond memories of that went away is seemingly coming back at one point or another.

Add Jolt Cola to that list. You kids of the '80s remember that drink that had so much caffeine you could make it through two all-night weekend sleepovers on just the one can!

Well, Jolt is trying to reclaim its former glory as it's hitting the market again next Thursday. However, it will exclusively be sold at Dollar General Stores. A 16-ounce can will cost $1.

If the caffeine content is the same as the original formula, each 16-ounce can will contain 191 milligrams of caffeine, which is roughly the same as most energy drinks these days. That is way more than soda, however, but still less than coffee.

Below is a 1987 news report from Shreveport about this "hot, new caffeine-fueled soft drink named Jolt."

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