Jordan Davis and his band used some spare time before a recent show in Dickinson, N.D., to create an imaginative remix of his latest hit, "Take It From Me." Readers can press play below to watch Davis and his fellow musicians re-create the sexy single on a conglomeration of percussion instruments, including xylophones, chimes, marching drums and a shaker.

According to Davis, who shared the re-working of "Take It From Me" on Instagram, the band was using a high school choir room as their greenroom for a performance. Looking to keep themselves busy, they got to work.

"When your green room is a high school choir room and it’s 5 degrees outside ... You find weird ways to pass the time," Davis writes.

Davis and company's "Take It From Me" remake is a display of their adaptable musical talents. Davis' band members recreated the song's melody with the unexpected instruments, getting slightly out of sync only once, but pulling it back together for the chorus and a ring of the gong -- signaling the end of their performance, and triggering laughter from the group.

Davis is on the road with Old Dominion for the band's 2019 Make It Sweet Tour. Visit for a full list of his upcoming shows.

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