This was great.

NFL Quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will take on fellow Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in a friendly round of golf.

The exhibition round will take place in Vegas on June 1st and the trash-talking between the teams has started.

Brady posted a photo on Twitter of him watching a "kid" hitting a golf ball and he references the "kid" as being Josh Allen who plays for the Buffalo Bills.

While many got a good laugh from this photo, it was Josh Allen's response that has Twitter rolling this morning.

In the response, Allen noted that at least Brady did put him in his own merch for this one. Hint, Brady often takes advantage of the situation to promote his own brand.

Check out Josh Allen's response here and stand by for more trash talking as we approach the matchup.

Of course, Twitter is reacting to the friendly jabs and even offering up some of their own. Check out some of these here.


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