Josh Thompson is no stranger to the outdoor lifestyle. The singer spent much time in the woods while growing up in Wisconsin, especially when he spent months involved in a wilderness guide course, where he lived with a small group of students deep in the woods, using what little resources they had around them to survive.

Even today, Thompson gets out in the woods as much as his time allows, which is not as much as he’d like due to a hectic touring schedule. But when he does get downtime in nature, he is always cautious of the wildlife that could be lingering, especially after multiple run-ins with bears.

“I had one incident when I was riding my bike on a country road, and a black bear ran out 50 feet in front of me,” Thompson recently told Pittsburgh’s Y108. “It was kinda scary. Another time, I had one try to climb up my tree while I was deer huntin’. Apparently, I smelled delicious.”

So how, exactly, did Thompson survive? “You kinda kick at them and clap a little bit,” the singer explains. “The thought is that they turn away and run. I’ve been fortunate enough that they have.”

However, Thompson is the first to admit that he “would scream like a woman” if ever he was attacked. We can’t blame him.

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