As we get ready for Saturday night's big Tracy Lawrence concert at the Delcambre Shrimp Festival, I got to thinking about some of my favorite Tracy videos from his 20+ year career. The boy has had some hits and some pretty good music videos.

Do you remember that stretch in the mid-90s when he was doing the "Quantum Leap" type videos? If you recall, that show featured a time-jumping doctor who would "leap" into other people's bodies at the end of each episode. Same sort of the thing with a bunch of Tracy's videos where he would "jump" from one video to the next one.

Anyhoo, back to the videos. Here are some of my favorites over the years. My Top 5 Tracy Lawrence Videos (in no particular order):

1) Find Out Who Your Friends Are - Just when you thought Tracy's career was done, this 2006 hit not only gave him his first #1 hit in eleven years, but the version with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney garnered him a CMA nomination.

2) My Second Home - Look at how many stars are in this video. Well, folks that went on to become big stars but weren't necessarily big-timing it when the video was shot. Then there's that dude from BR54-9.

3) Runnin' Behind -This was the third single off of Tracy's debut Sticks and Stones CD. Since this video I've always wanted to do watch a concert on the beach. No such luck yet.

4) If the World Had a Front Porch - Remember the internet boom in the 90s? This video just sums it up doesn't it? Some of the best lyrics in any of his songs too.

5) I See It Now - This was part of the aforementioned "Quantum Leap"-like videos. It's retro and pretty darn cool. Just a great song too! Greasy hair rocks!!

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