Mingling on the Grammy red carpet last night, two-time ‘Dancing With the Stars’ winner Julianne Hough chatted with E! News correspondent Giuliana Rancic about ‘Footloose,’ her upcoming film ‘Rock of Ages‘ with Tom Cruise and a new dark comedy she’s about to film. Wrapped in a Kaufman Franco gown with shimmering black stripes, which boyfriend Ryan Seacrest helped pick out, Hough dished on what’s been occupying her time of late.

The multi-faceted talent will appear in ‘Rock of Ages,’ the screenplay based off the famous Broadway show of the same name. That film is set to release June 15 of this year — and her most recent film, ‘Footloose,’ is coming out on DVD shortly, according to Hough. Speaking about the yet untitled film she’s about to jump into with screenwriter Diablo Cody, the actress says she’s extremely excited.

“It’s her directorial debut,” she says of Cody. “It’s untitled right now, but we go to New Orleans in two weeks. I’m really excited. It’s nothing people have seen me do before. It’s strictly acting – no singing or dancing – and it’s a dark comedy, so it should be really fun.” In the film, Hough plays the part of a Christian evangelist who gets into a terrible accident and is burned on two-thirds of her body. While describing the film in the clip from the red carpet, Seacrest joined in to add his two cents.

“It’s a very serious role,” he chimed in playfully. “Julianne, are [Rancic's] questions OK because I talked to her before the show and I asked her to be interesting?” With the TV host in on the conversation, Rancic asked how long the couple will have to be apart for the filming of the new movie. When Hough spilled that it would be “Eight weeks,” Seacrest added, “Wow, well, we’ll be clear. There will be a lot of traveling back and forth.”

Watch Julianne Hough Talk New Film at the 2012 Grammy Awards

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