June 8th is St. Medard Day. Who's St. Medard you may ask? Well, St. Medard lived about 1500 years ago in France and is the patron saint of weather and rain.

It is tradition that on this very day if it rains then we'll have 40 more days of rain. If it's nice weather today, then we'll have 40 days of fine weather.

So goes the saying in France:

Should Saint Médard’s Day be wet, it will rain for forty yet; at least until Saint Barnabas, the summer sun won’t favor us.

It sure has been a wet last several days but our buddies in the Storm Team 3 Weather Lab over at KATC TV-3 aren't calling for much in the way of rain chance on June 8th, so let's hope we just get normal rainfall for the next 40 days.

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