It is one of our most enduring symbols. It generally puts people in a good mood when they see it. A lot of people like to cook with it. Some people frown on its use in certain foods. It’s also home to one of the cartoon world’s most loveable characters. What could it be? Well, of course, it’s the always loveable and sometimes abhorred pineapple. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about the pineapple. Most of us think of a specific destination when we hear the word pineapple. But the connection between that place and the pineapple isn’t nearly as big as it once was.  

There is also the question of using the pineapple in decorating. Have you ever noticed how many pieces of furniture, wallpaper, or even lamps incorporate the basic shape and scope of the pineapple? What’s the reasoning behind all of that? 

How did the pineapple reach its current state of prominence and why do so many people become almost violent when it is suggested that pineapple be included as a topping on pizzaYou will also come to understand why workers who work in the pineapple fields might need to be registered with local law enforcement agencies 

 We will do our part to answer all of those questions and explain the backstory of the fruit that we love to loathe on pizza and mix with rum in our blenders.   

12 Facts About Pineapples to Savor Over Your Next Frozen Drink

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