Even after they’re dead and gone, some celebrities continue to rake in the dough. And this year’s top zombie earner? Elizabeth Taylor, whose violet-eyed ghost hauled in a whopping $210 million. Taylor knocked perennial top-earner Michael Jackson down to second. He brought in $145 million, due in part to his stake in the Sony catalog and Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘The Immortal' Tour.

Just in time for Halloween, here are your Top Earning Dead Celebrities for 2012....BOO!

  • Elizabeth Taylor, $210 million
  • Michael Jackson, $145 million
  • Elvis Presley, $55 million
  • Charles Schulz, $37 million
  • Bob Marley, $17 million
  • John Lennon, $12 million
  • Marilyn Monroe / Albert Einstein (tie), $10 million
  • Theodor Geisel aka Dr. Seuss, $9 million
  • Steve McQueen / Bettie Page (tie), $8 million

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