The Kardashian's definitely aren't gonna like this.

Apparently, when you type in the word "lardass" into an iOS device, it automatically brings up the autocorrect suggestion of "Kardashian."

Go ahead, try it out.

We aren't sure if this is truly the closest suggestion based on some sort of combination of letters, a joke from the gang at Apple, or just a crazy coincidence. We tried it on our phones, and it seemed to only work for those with the latest iOS update.

Hot 1079
Hot 1079

Another thing we noticed was that it only worked once. After passing on the suggestion, the suggestion "Larissa" was offered instead.

As much as the Kardashians work out, I can totally see them getting in their feelings over this iOS suggestion.

Try it out. Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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