The Zydeco Boss is making the most of the stay-at-home mandate.

The impact of COVID-19 has affected multiple industries throughout our region, but those in the entertainment and event business have taken some of the hardest hits. As someone who has entertained crowds as a DJ for 20 years, it's impossible to work if people aren't allowed the gather by law.

I used to think that I was in the "entertainment" or the "event" business, but these last few weeks have made me realize that I'm actually in the "gathering" business.

Nevertheless, I've seen my fellow DJs, players and music artists making the most of this unfortunate situation they've been put in with the COVID-19 outbreak. Artists have been connecting with their audiences on an intimate level—some literally bringing fans into their homes via social media for DJ sets, mini-concerts, and jam sessions.

One of those jam sessions came from my friend Keith Frank, who posted videos playing at home with his boys while sheltering in place.

Even if you've seen Keith Frank a million times, it's pretty cool to see the legendary zydeco artist in this raw settings with the next generation. It should come as no surprise being that Keith has always had family members in his Soileau Zydeco Band, but what we're witnessing in these videos is the future—and Keith is "getting them right."

Hats off to Keith Frank and all the artists who are keeping us entertained through these trying times.

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