Are Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris trying to steal our thunder with their own version of slow pokey karaoke? That's the game we're playing this morning on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show to give you free tickets to see Kenny Chesney in Lafayette's Cajundome.

The object of the game is to sing a line from a Kenny Chesney hit but sing it in slow motion. We figured that would be easy since so many of us slow way down when we get to relax on the beach like Kenny does.

Actually what Kelly and Neil are doing is the opposite of breathing in helium. You may have sucked some of that in from a party balloon and discovered that your voice suddenly has a very high pitch to it. The stuff they are inhaling is sulfur hexafluoride. It actually is more dense than air so sound waves move slower through it. The results of this experiment, just like slow pokey karaoke are hilarious.

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