The first way to win any political contest is to make sure that voters know your name. Louisiana’s State Treasurer John Kennedy certainly has the edge in name recognition. As a holder of statewide office for many years it’s no wonder that voters from across Louisiana are at least familiar with him. Two separate polls conducted about the race to fill retiring U.S. Senator David Vitter’s seat confirm that this previous notoriety has put Kennedy in the front runner’s seat.

The survey conducted by The Remington Research Group and The Hayride show that as of right now Kennedy has what would be considered a comfortable lead in the race.  However another poll conducted by Anzalone seems to have a different take on just how comfortable that lead actually is.

The Anzalone poll suggests that Kennedy’s name recognition is not paying off in much of a lead and it has an extremely high undecided number.

Those comments were made by University of Louisiana at Lafayette Political Science Professor Dr. Pearson Cross. Dr. Cross also told the Louisiana Radio Network that many times poll results can be a little more favorable to the candidate who actually commissioned the poll. The Anzalone poll was commissioned by a group that supports Democrat Caroline Fayard.

When a candidate commissions a poll, often times that poll shows that candidate doing better than other more neutral polls do, it’s just one of the known facts of campaigning.

That poll showed that Kennedy was still the leader with the support of 18% of those surveyed. That same poll also showed that candidate Fayard and Republican Charles Boustany were certainly closer with 13% of the support. The Anzalone poll also showed there was a significant amount of voters who were undecided.

The Remington Poll suggested that the two Democratic candidates, Foster Campbell and Caroline Fayard, were splitting the vote of those loyal to that party. This places Republican Boustany in very good position in this poll as well.

He just merely has to move passed one of the democrats and get into a runoff race with the person who looks most likely to be there, John Kennedy.

Citizens of Louisiana can expect radio and television airwaves to be filled with political announcements concerning this race between now and Election Day. Voters will go to the polls on November 8th to choose a successor to Senator Vitter. However most pundits agree it will take a runoff to actually decide the winner.

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