One thing we learned from the recent Presidential race is that polls quite often are not accurate. So I am not sure whether John Kennedy or Foster Campbell will be pleased by the latest statewide poll of voters that was recently released. The poll showed Kennedy with a sizeable lead over Campbell coming down to the runoff election December 10th.

Bernie Pinsonat, a political analyst, told the Louisiana Radio Network,

We all think that John Kennedy has a big advantage being in red state Louisiana. This poll confirms that he’s got a 14 point lead. He’s leading 52% to 38%.

The poll, conducted by Southen Media Research, showed that most voters appear to have already made up their mind on this particular race.

There’s very few people undecided. That’s because it’s Louisiana. It’s a red state, and this is another race where it’s about party. It’s Democrats and Republicans.

If you do the math, Kennedy is shown with a 14 percentage point lead over Campbell. The percentage of voters who consider themselves to be undecided totals 10%. That's a pretty big mountain for the Campbell campaign to overcome.

Of course,the polls won't mean nearly as much when we see what will actually happen when voters visit their polling places on Saturday. Early voting numbers have been way down compared to the early voting that took place in the general election.

The current opinion among many political pundits is that the U.S. Senate race is Kennedy's to lose.

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