Depending upon how much value you place in political polls there may or may not be a new front runner in the Louisiana Senate Race. For many  months State Treasurer John Kennedy has been seen as the  man to beat. A lot of that reasoning was based on Mr. Kennedy's strong statewide name recognition.

However, results of a new poll show that Kennedy's support in the state has dropped significantly and there are now two new names at the top of the leader board.

The poll conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling was commissioned by Congressman John Fleming's campaign. The results show that while Kennedy has seen his support eroded two other candidates have emerged at the top of the list. Those candidates are Congressman Charles Boustany and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.

John Kennedy has dropped quite a bit in the poll, and the other candidates Foster Campbell and Charles Boustany have stayed relatively constant, although they currently are dominating the field.

That's what pollster John Couvillion had to say to the Louisiana Radio Network about the poll's results.

The results of the poll showed that Boustany and Campbell each had the support of 15% of respondents. Congressman Fleming and Caroline Fayard were in third and fourth place respectively in the polling results. According to the poll Kennedy's support had dropped 7% to an 11% number.

The challenge that Kennedy has right now is the perception of overconfidence, compounded by the fact that he has not yet been on TV or made appearances and so forth.

Couvillion went on to say that approximately one fourth of the voters surveyed said they were undecided in the election. Most pundits agree that no matter who the front runner happens to be on November 8th they will find themselves in a runoff election to actually earn the seat being vacated by David Vitter.

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