You know the saying, "there's a special place for people like that"? Keep that in mind while reading this story.

A 27-year-old woman named Shareafa Watkins went to a Baptist Church in Kenner, Louisiana a while back, and she didn't have enough money to pay her power bill. So they decided to help her out and wrote her a check to cover it.

This happened back in late 2014 and no one at the church even remembers her. But a pastor was going through their books last month when he realized there was a bunch of money missing.

As it turned out, Ms. Watkins used the account number and routing number on the check to pay a bunch of other bills. She was able to swindle the church to the tune of $20,000!

From January of last year to the middle of last month, she used the church's money to pay for her cell phone bill, cable bill, a few other utilities, her auto insurance, and her car payment.

The cops were able to track her down last week and she basically admitted to the whole thing.

She's facing charges for identity theft and illegal transfer of funds.

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