Ketchup or Catsup depending on what part of the world you come from has always presented mankind one problem. Although we love its tasty flavor on our burgers, dogs and fries we hate the battle that takes place to get the savory condiment out of the bottle and on to our food.

Fortunately this is America and the we have high priced, hard to get into schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the case. M.I.T. is full of great thinkers and problem solvers and while they usually have their attention focused on more mundane tasks like robot army men and intergalactic travel they sometimes find the time to give the world some useful. This is that something, an amazing ketchup bottle that actually encourages the ketchup to flow toward the mouth of the bottle and on to the food.

How do they do it? Inside each bottle is an army of nano robots so small the eye can't see. These nano robots push the ketchup to the mouth of the bottle using tiny little push brooms. The robots are only activated when the bottle is tipped to a certain angle. Pretty smart huh?

Okay, the robot part is total crap, I don't know what they did to make the ketchup flow like that but I like it.

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