The first rule of 'Killer Karaoke' -- a TruTV show that follows a 'Jackass'-like tradition of making contestants perform frightening and ridiculous stunts with the caveat that they have to sing karaoke songs -- is that no matter what happens, don't stop singing. Here, a poor female contestant attempts to sing Gretchen Wilson's 'Redneck Woman' while hovering over a circular tank of water filled with snakes.

The woman, named Natasha, does her best to sing Wilson's hit while clearly in the grip of fear over what lies beneath. She can barely get through the song as she is lowered into the tank.

It's more disturbing than it is funny, as she shrieks when more slithery serpents are added and the swing is submerged. We'll give her credit, since she continues to attempt the song while screaming "OH MY GOD" and crying as the snakes wrap around the handles of the swing. By the time she is removed from the tank, you sort of forget she was singing a song.

While the first instinct when watching this clip from 'Killer Karaoke' is to feel sorry for her for the three minutes of torture she just endured, you have to remember that she agreed to participate on the show, so there might be some degree of "Gotcha!" going on here. Notice, she freaks out before the snakes are tossed into the tank. Maybe it was nerves or a false start, or that she didn't realize it was just water in the tank. We don't know.

What we do know is that she looks utterly paralyzed by fear when she's introduced to the slithery creatures. We give her a big "E" for effort since she kept on singing Wilson's song. Sort of.