Kip Moore refuses to sit quietly while scalpers sell his tickets, and in his opinion, take advantage of the working men and women who attend his shows. After another never-ending Twitter argument with ESPN radio host Jeff Thurn over the weekend, the country singer has agreed to have a real debate -- on air.

Moore's stance on ticket scalping is one that he won't budge on. His most recent back-and-forth started when Thurn poked a little fun at the country singer and his stance on the matter, which only added more fire to Moore's flame.

Moore's responses have since been deleted, but according to Nashville Gab, he told Thurn: "that's where u don't know s---...I set the prices w my agents. I realize u think ur smart but ur so off base."

He didn't stop there.

According to the website, Moore continued in a series of tweets. "I set that price to give everyone a chance at a show, scaled back production and damn sure don't have pr telling me to...not talking any further w a moron...but I'm sure you'll like the attention your about to get...ur damn rt I do," he wrote. "I work tireless hours at my craft. People that sit around and buy my tics just to sell them at outrageous not cool.. Buying up 20 seats and screwing my fans rubs me wrong and makes me wanna have this convo in person w u to...always gonna b a punk like u in this world..u don't know anything bout me. Done w this. Hope to c ya round the bend."

Thurn responded in a series of tweets of his own:

Then he gave Moore an offer he couldn't refuse: He asked to speak with him live on the air. The two will battle at 4:35PM ET Monday (July 14) on ESPN 991.

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