We all know that Bruce loves his cats and cat videos. I ran across an article in Yahoo News about a little kitten who took a long journey and felt it was necessary to share. This is the craziest story but it also makes me want to share one of my own. 

Yesterday in Plattsburgh, NY- Stacey Pulsifer found a six-week old kitten squeezed behind her bumper with a broken paw. Turns out, the kitten had joined the NY woman in her 100 mile car ride from her home in Plattsburgh to Elizabethtown, then back to her residence. This involved driving through curvy, upstate New York roads. On the way home, she stopped for coffee and noticed there was a meowing coming from  her vehicle. She and two friends examined the vehicle and found the precious, black kitty stuck under the car. The women cut the kitten free. Pulsifer adopted the kitten and named it Pumpkin. How sweet!

The same thing happened to me and my cat a long time ago. I had a fat, black and white cat named Summer. One day my mother and I were driving to my little brother's soccer game, and we saw a fat, black and white cat on the side of the busy road, about ten miles from our house. It was our cat, Summer. It turned out that when we left our house, Summer was snoozing away somewhere underneath our minivan. Thank goodness he wasn't ever run over or lost. Those cats can wiggle their way through any nook or cranny!