You can always tell when somebody isn't from Louisiana by the way they talk. We can spot a Yankee pretty quickly here in the Bayou State. And we also know that some people think we have a unique way of pronouncing things, which we do. And thanks to the folks at Only in Louisiana, we have a list of names that tell us whether you're from here, or not. And yes, I can say all of these correctly!

  • Tchoupitoulas - chop a tool us - a very famous street in New Orleans
  • Natchitoches - nack a dish - the oldest permanent settlement in the state, and site of the wildly popular Christmas Festival of Lights
  • Tchefuncte - chuh funk tuh - a river in south Louisiana
  • Tangipahoa - tan geh pa hoe a - a river and a parish
  • Opelousas - op el oos us - a city in St Landry Parish. Home of Jim Bowie
  • Atchafalaya -  a chaf a liya - the biggest river swamp in the nation, and part of the reason we are known as the 'Sportsman's Paradise'
  • Grosse Tete - gross tate - a small community in Iberville Parish. The name is French for 'Big Head'
  • Pontchartrain - pon cha train - a lake near New Orleans. Also a very famous amusement park, 'Ponchartrain Beach', in the Big Easy from 1928-1983
  • New Orleans - New Orlinz, not New Orleenze
  • Ouachita - wash it taw - a Parish in north Louisiana
  • Burgundy - bur GUN dee - a street in New Orleans

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