Remember when we had a Krystal Burger on Congress Street in Lafayette? Ah, I loved that place and have been missing it every day since.

Looks like I'll be making more trips to my hometown in the near future to get my fix!

Krystal Burger is building a new location in Breaux Bridge on Rees Street, next to Wendy's in front of Walmart. That's a lot of square burger patties!

Of course Krystal is known for their smaller 2-4 bite-sized burgers. The brand has garnered quite the reputation for the late night hunger craving. Whatever time of day, I'm good for a Krystal run.

No word yet as to when the new store will be open.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the old building that Krystal used to occupy in Lafayette is soon to be re-opened as The Jambalaya Shoppe.

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