Allegations have been made that members of  Louisiana Tech's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity sang a racist song at 2010 pledge event have surfaced. The allegations at this time are not backed by any substantial evidence. A former student claims to have witnessed the racial chant but has not provided other evidence to support the allegations.

Still, the university is taking the allegations seriously and are looking into the matter. A spokesperson for Louisiana Tech said the university would have zero tolerance for behavior of this kind.

The head of the Louisiana Tech Journalism program, Dr. Reginald Owens says while the allegations may not be supported by evidence, he would not be surprised if it did happen.

"We live in the south and those kinds of things pop up from time to time."

Owens comments were related in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. Owens, a Tech alum says he believes race relations on the Ruston campus are actually quite good.

"I've seen a lot of evolution to better things.  I've seen a lot of progress.  And, of course, there is still a lot that needs to be done."

He went on to say that race relations could always be better and there is still a lot of progress that can be made in that area.


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