Country stars are gearing up for the summer season with a whole lot of new music videos! Between love songs, heartbreak rockers and empowerment anthems, there's plenty to choose from this week. Read on to watch all the latest vids. 

Lady Antebellum, “What If I Never Get Over You”:

Lady Antebellum's new song, "What If I Never Get Over You," articulates the pain and anxiety of a breakup -- along with the questioning that follows. Dave Haywood of Lady A says, “We love being able to put out those big questions about lost love, like ‘What if time doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do?’ or ‘What if I never move on from this relationship?” The track's music video, explores these feelings. Directed by Sarah McColgan, it follows a newly-split couple literally moving on from one another as they pack up the home they once shared.

Hillary Scott raves about the video on Instagram, saying, "Go watch it now and then comment below and let me know what you think! The couple’s chemistry was [100 percent emoji] and it gives me goosebumps and tears bc of how real and relatable the fights they have feel. Gah. Thank you [Sarah McColgan] and team for your creativity and for this amazing video!" -- CV

Jimmie Allen, “Make Me Want To”:

“I’m a huge fan of Disney, Harry Potter and ‘The Notebook.’ I wanted to create a video that showcased my love for all three,” rising country star Jimmie Allen tells, talking about the "Make Me Want To" video he just released. It's not cookie cutter in the least, and Allen wanted it that way: “I feel like authenticity is celebrated today more than ever, so with this video, I really wanted to highlight my quirky side.”

It's a refreshing change from any stereotypical country music video. There's a little bit of magic--including a magic wand, a little romance and lots of charm. “I love that the video focuses on the action and the music is in the background,” Allen says. And, expect more like this from the singer! He adds, “Enjoy Chapter 1! This is the first of a five-part music video collection. Thanks to everyone for going on this journey with me and stay tuned for more!” -- CV

Josh Abbott Band, “Little More You”:

Josh Abbott Band's music video for "Little More You" features couple Jep and Jess Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The music video, which was directed by Evan Kaufmann, portrays the Robertsons enjoying a sweet night out -- some much-needed respite from their busy life with five children. They head to a local bar (where Josh Abbot Band is playing) and drink, dance, play pool ... and shamelessly fawn over phone photos of their kids (a date night pastime many parents relate to).

The couple enjoys time alone to connect--and then head home, where they have a spirited pillow fight with their kids. “This music video is so enjoyable because it’s not only shot so well but Jep and Jess really give it an authentic feel,” Abbott tells Billboard. “Their love for each other and their family comes through the lens and it’s just a feel-good make-your-heart-smile video.” -- CV

Travis Denning, "After a Few": 

Travis Denning takes a gamble on acting AND love in the video for his song, "After a Few." The singer-songwriter finds himself deep into a high-stakes poker game as well as a risky love affair in a dimly lit bar as the video plays out.

“This video was so much fun to make, mainly due to the fact it was my first time acting in a video. Whether I did a good job or not is debatable,” Denning says in a press release. “...I think the big gamble of the poker game along with chasing the innuendo with someone that you love for all the wrong reasons go hand in hand when it comes to the emotions.” -- LS

The Lumineers, "Gloria":

The Lumineers get deeply personal in the music video for "Gloria," which tells the story of a someone related to lead singer Wesley Schultz. Following the tragic life of a young woman who cannot shake her demons, her husband and young child become victims of a losing game.

"Gloria is an addict," Schultz says in a press release. "Her character was inspired by a member of my family, and no amount of love or resources could save her.  She's now been homeless for over a year.  Loving an addict is like standing among the crashing waves, trying to bend the will of the sea." -- LS

Jenny Tolman, "High Class White Trash":

Jenny Tolman is just the girl next door in "Jennyville." That town may be the product of the singer's imagination, but it's alive and well in the music video for "High Class White Trash," off her upcoming debut album, There Goes the Neighborhood. The video captures the polyester, fake-tan glint of a small town nail salon and all of the characters that populate it, played by the singer-songwriter and set to the lemonade-out-of-lemons anthem. Tolman says the song gave her an outlet for the residents of Jennyville. "...All of the sudden we’re like, ‘OK, this is opening the door to these characters and this concept that we had been dancing around for a little while.'” Tolman says of  making the video. -- LS

Bailey Bryan, "Perspective":

A breakup often results in a new "Perspective," as Bailey Bryan documents in a video that captures glimpses of life from different sides of the coin. "I wanted the video to represent love beyond a relationship," Bryan says. "I wanted to play with the word 'perspective' and have your perspective on whoever is in the video and every situation that's happening in the video shift as the song goes on."

The video leads in with situations that lend themselves to judgement and presumption, but things unfold with a twist. Similarly, Bryan says, a breakup taught her the importance of self-love. "Now more than ever, when I sing this song I am singing it to myself, essentially." -- LS

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