If you're gonna wear a mask, why not represent your school?

Masks are required in some areas of society and have become a way for many of us to help stop the spread of COVID-19. They've definitely been debatable, but they're also fashionable. I've seen many unique masks in tons of designs and colors, but now local students (past and present) can represent their school in style.

Awardmaster posted the school masks to their Facebook page and you can grab one online now.

I see all of the Lafayette Parish public schools plus many other schools in surrounding parishes as well. Awardmaster also posted that they have "two design choices for multiple schools" and if you don't see your school you can request that it be made available.

With graduations and many schools requiring masks in the multiple scenarios of reopening plans for the fall, grabbing a mask to rep your school may not be a bad idea.

Check out their selection here and mask up with school spirit!

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