The Walgreen's Drugstore folks have a hand feature they offer through their website called the Walgreen's Flu Index. The index uses data gathered from healthcare professionals and healthcare systems to provide a nationwide picture of where seasonal flu is creating the most chaos.

If you've been sneezing and sniffling and maybe fighting back fever and some body aches and pains you'll probably have no difficulty in agreeing where two cities in Louisiana are ranked in this week's index.

Lafayette is ranked as the #5 hot spot for seasonal flu activity followed by Monroe at #6. Last week's flu index also included the Shreveport/Bossier area but thankfully things have improved in that part of the state.

It might just be a coincidence but seven of the top ten spots for the highest flu activity in the country are areas that border the Mississippi River. From Iowa through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and on into Louisiana the flu bug appears to be flowing toward the Gulf of Mexico just like the Big Muddy.

While a lot of the media attention has been focused on the coronavirus the seasonal flu can be just as deadly and debilitating. Fortunately, the steps you're taking to avoid coronavirus will help you ward off seasonal flu as well. There is still time to get a flu shot and remember if you're not feeling well, please stay at home.


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