4,000 crisis calls are answered by workers at Lafayette's domestic violence crisis center called Faith House.

Executive Director of Faith House, Billi Lacombe, says they need to expand their capacity in order to be able to handle all of the women that need a place to stay when fleeing their abuser.

Mark Veverica has been a long-time sponsor of Faith House, and along with the co-owners of Classic Auto Spa have decided to make a $50,000 donation for the continued go of getting more space for women who need a refuge.

Unfortunately for the state of Louisiana, we continue to battle the problem of domestic violence. We are continually in the top ten when it comes to states where women are killed by their significant others. We have one of the rates of domestic violence according to Amnesty International. Whether it's Lafayette, Acadiana, or the entire state of Louisiana, there are not enough shelters to help the number of women who are seeking help. When you read the descriptions of the violence that these victims have been through, you will understand why domestic violence intervention and domestic violence crisis centers are so desperately needed.

Lacombe says,

Classic Auto Spa has been a true partner to our organization for quite some time. Classic's generosity of time, resources, and philanthropy is the embodiment of the caring culture of Acadiana

She says they will use the money to expand services for women and children.

Faith House offers multiple services to the people who contact them including the following:

  • Safety
  • Shelter
  • Advocacy
  • Empowerment

Right now, Faith House ends up helping 300 survivors on an annual basis, but there are many others who reach out to them who could also use a safe place to be while they try to put their lives back together.

How We Can Help Stop the Tragedy of Domestic Violence in Acadiana


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