Wait a minute. Are we about see an initiative that creates a partnership between Lafayette's Consolidated Government and the city and parishes small businesses? I do believe we are and I believe this will fix a lot of grass maintenance issues in our city and parish.

Lafayette Consolidated Government has announced Project Geaux Mow and it's exactly what you think it is. LCG is looking for established lawn and garden maintenance professionals to help keep the city's vegetation under control.

The project will allow local service providers to bid on LCG maintenance projects where mitigation of tall grass and weeds are concerned. Prospective vendors will bid on various jobs throughout the city and parish via an LCG web portal. That portal is expected to be active by the end of April.

If you're a lawn and garden service provider and would like to be considered for jobs with LCG you'll need to enroll right now. You may do that via email. Simply email wabadie@lafayettela.gov.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory says the project is part of an effort to support small business owners in the community while keeping our public spaces looking their best.

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