If you've already cast your ballot via early voting I hope you really read some of those amendments and propositions that were on your ballot. To me, those are the most confusing things we're asked to vote on.

I personally think they are written in a confusing way so folks with limited intelligence, namely me, have a tough time understanding the actual effect our vote will have on the issue.

Maybe that's why officials with the Lafayette Public Library are going to greater lengths than usual to clarify any confusion on the only Lafayette proposition that is on the ballot. The proposition involves library funds and the reallocation of some of those funds for drainage and other projects in the community.

In a nutshell here's an easy way to understand the proposition. KATC's Jamie Angelle really explains this well in a piece crafted for the TV 3 website. But if we may be so bold as to paraphrase.

If you vote YES on the proposition then you are in agreement that $10 million would be moved from the library fund and dispersed like this. $8 million of the money would go to drainage projects and $2 million would go toward parks and recreation improvements.

If you vote NO on the proposition then you are in agreement that the library funds should stay where they are.

We are not advocating one choice over another. What we are advocating is that you understand the consequences of your vote and that you are making the choice in the voting booth that reflects your point of view.

By the way, the Lafayette Library proposition should be the last item on your ballot if you cast your vote in Lafayette Parish.

Our suggestion is that you pull up your specific ballot for where you live. You can do that right here. Make sure you study the proposed amendments and propositions beforehand. I always make a cheat sheet to take with me when I vote. That way I know which direction the lever needs to go when it comes time for my voice to be heard.


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