I would imagine almost every company that has more than one employee has had an issue with sanitary conditions in the employee washroom at some time or another. Most of the time the issues range from no paper towels and soap to the occasionally missed "targets" around the urinals.

Obviously, for one employee of a local business, his co-worker's bathroom habits or lack of home training finally got the best of him. Here's a copy of the email that was sent to out to co-workers encouraging them to be a little more diligent in their use of the company's washroom.

Here's the note:

[Attention Fellow Employees ] First thing. [Company Business Manager], can you confirm that we don't have anyone under the age of say 5 that works here?

This is for all that use the men's bathroom on the [Employee] side. All others, carry on. 

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Voltaire...or Uncle Ben.

It's sad to say this isn't my first bathroom-related email I've sent. 

Fellas (and any lady that dare enter that domain), FLUSH. THE. TOILET. 

This morning, I thought someone just took a healthy poo, and the smell lingered. No biggie. That happens. As the day went on, the smell only got worse. It wasn't until this afternoon that my mind told me, "there's no way someone dumped in that toilet and left it. But you should totally check just to ease me." 

Well, well, well. What do you know. There's poo-poo in there. 

I'm not telling you how to live your life when it involves just yourself. You wanna let loose in your own bathroom at your house, and just let the stench seep into your pores, go for it. But you're now bringing this form of cruelty onto others. You gotta stop.

Whoever you are. You're gross, and your momma dresses you funny. There's no way you dress yourself with bathroom etiquette like that. I would ask that whoever you are, please don't ever talk to me again, but I know that you're already a rule-breaker - in life. So with that, I'll say...

Get your life together, dear turd-saver...for the sake of the rest of us. 

The worst,

Admit it, you've wanted to send an email like that to your co-workers, haven't you? Maybe it wasn't the bathroom at your office, maybe it was the break room or the company refrigerator. But you know you've wanted to just unleash your inner cynic and let those around you know that their Mom doesn't work there.

One thing is for sure, you can bet anybody that reads this note, whether they work with the author or not, will make sure to flush the next time.

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