UFC legends and Acadiana natives Dustin Poirier and Daniel Cormier went head-to-head in a 4th of July weekend hot dog eating contest while previewing the upcoming fights.

While the two Lafayette legends have proven they can entertain in the octagon, they are now showing that they can be a dynamic duo from a media perspective.

It came down to the wire...

Instagram via @laura_sanko
Instagram via @laura_sanko

Lafayette natives Dustin Poirier and Daniel Cormier got lots of screen time as they were previewing the UFC 276 event.

While neither of them will be stepping into the octagon to fight this weekend, the two stepped up to a special Independence Day weekend challenge.


It was a battle to the bitter end, as Poirier and Cormier both worked hard to devour two hot dogs each.

While neither man was going down without a fight, only one could be victorious.


Lafayette Natives Dustin Poirier and Daniel Cormier Face Off in Hot Dog Eating Contest

The contest was shared by UFC on ESPN Analyst @laura_sanko on Instagram which you can see below.

In the end, it was Cormier who completed his two dogs before anyone else.

See the intense face-off between Poirier and Cormier shared to Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip here.

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