According to a report on KATC's website, there was an apparent issue with the main website that serves Lafayette Parish Public Schools last night. The TV Station reported that viewers had contacted them about a strange message that was seen when attempting to access

According to the story, viewers said that when the school system's main site was accessed a message unrelated to school activity took over the screen. Viewers reported that a click on any option of the LPSS site would take them to the login page for a site called Idiot Black Hat. The site appears to be dedicated to the art of interrupting websites.

By the way, we don't suggest you click on that site.

When we attempted to access the LPSSOnline site this morning while creating this article our cybersecurity system would not allow us access to the site. Our messages read that the site was blocked due to a security threat.

According to the story posted on the KATC website officials with Lafayette Parish Schools were aware of the cyber issue and they were taking steps to correct the problem.

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