There are some misconceptions about Lafayette's coronavirus screening plan that is set to begin today outside the Cajundome. Among the biggest misconceptions is who qualifies for the screening and who does not.

Let's see if we can't clarify your questions.

The best way to see if a mobile screening is necessary for you is to dial 311. You will be taken through the screening process on the phone and from your answers, it will be determined if further screening or testing is necessary.

The screenings outside the Cajundome will be held today from 9 am until 3 pm. Law enforcement will be directing two lanes of traffic near Reinhardt Drive in the vicinity of the Cajundome Convention Center.

These screenings are for high-risk patients only. According to the Louisiana Emergency Medical Unit President Dr. Andy Blaylock.

This is not for the worried well. The process is targeting the highest risk in our community, and we have to do it this way so we can protect them.

In his comments made to KLFY TV Dr. Blaylock defined "high-risk" as health care workers with direct contact with confirmed suspected COVID-19 cases, pregnant women, those with immunosuppressive symptoms, those 60 years or older, or infants younger than 10 weeks.

Each screenee will also need to have displayed a fever of at least 100.3 and respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath or a cough. That screenee will be tested for influenza and if that test comes back negative the patient's swab will then be sent for COVID-19 testing.

Those attempting to be screened outside the Cajudome will need to bring a valid driver's license and insurance card. Those without insurance will be billed $50 at a later date. No more than two people seeking a screening should come in one vehicle and doctors will not be issuing prescriptions on-site even if the influenza test comes back positive.

Screenees will need to remain in their vehicles at all times during the screenings and the process will take about an hour. However, that time frame could be extended due to the volume of traffic.

Lafayette Consolidated Government has plans to open a screening center in Broussard in the coming days depending on the amount of traffic at today's Cajundome screening. LCG also has plans to open screening centers in Youngsville, Carencro, and Scott but no official date for the opening of those locations has been announced.


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