Officials with the Lafayette Police Department say in a press release that the person they were seeking as being responsible for a shooting in Lafayette Saturday evening has been captured by law enforcement officials.

Lafayette Police Department Spokesman Sergeant Wayne Griffin says that 37-year-old Chad Credeur was taken into custody yesterday afternoon.

He was arrested after an active warrant had been issued for him this weekend. He ended up being taken into custody by officials with the US Marshal Violent Task Force.

Now, Credeur has been booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on a charge of Attempted Second Degree Murder. He was arrested by the Western District of Louisiana Marshals around 3:30 Monday afternoon, and then he was officially booked into the jail just after 5:30 last evening.

Griffin says all of this started after there was an exchange of words between Credeur and the victim. That's when, Griffin says, Credeur is alleged to have whipped out a gun and shot the person in the belly. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment after being shot.

The search for Credeur has been on since the time of the shooting late Saturday afternoon just before 5:30. The shooting happened in the 400 Lourdes Street.

There was a witness to Credeur leaving the scene of the shooting. That person told authorities that it was Credeur who took off from the area after the shot rang out.

There is no word from Griffin on what the motive for the shooting was or where Credeur was taken into custody.


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