Lafayette Utilities Systems (LUS) is asking its customers to suspend all high-water consumption activities, effective immediately.

On Monday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency due to heat-related emergencies that have been affecting the state.

As many of us know, in addition to the extreme heat, it hasn't rained much throughout the state, further putting stress on local water districts along with the increasing threat of wildfires.

This latest ask by LUS piggybacks on the current Water Conservation Ordinance in place. By conserving water usage and suspending high-water consumption activities, it will help ensure the safety and reliability of LUS's water system for domestic use and fire protection.

Many residents have taken to daily watering of lawns, landscaping, and vegetation to combat the drought we've been experiencing. However, water systems have been struggling to keep up with the soaring demand, leading to reduced pressure levels in various areas.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Heidi Tweedel, a spokesperson for LUS, reiterated the importance of water preservation during these challenging times.

"We recognize that watering lawns and gardens is a common practice, especially during dry spells like this. However, by temporarily curtailing these activities, we can alleviate the burden on our water systems and enhance their capacity to cater to everyone's water needs," she said.

In addition to LUS, the cities of Youngsville and Broussard have recently issued an urgent request to their customers to conserve water in response to this latest surge in water demand.

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