Chances are if you live in Acadiana sometime over the next two days you are going to be wishing you had an umbrella. That's the good news. Some people of the next few days might be wishing they had a boat as a very tricky forecast situation has taken hold over the Gulf South.

An upper level low pressure system currently centered over Central Texas is the culprit. The counter-clockwise rotation around this system is bringing large amounts of warm moist air over much of Louisiana. That in itself is a good reason to forecast rain. However, the tricky part of this  forecast scenario is what areas will get a shower, and what areas might get a deluge and be forced to deal with flash flooding.

Daniel Phillips of the KATC Weather team tells us that the difference between a healthy shower and several inches of rain could 20- 30 miles. Since the moisture spinning in around the low pressure system will be "training" across much of the same areas for hours at a  time. According to many of the forecast models, Acadiana is set for a significant rain event today and tomorrow.

Dave Baker suggested in a story from, that parts of Acadiana could see anywhere from three to five inches of rain before the showers begin to taper off by Thursday and Friday.

If there is a bright spot in the wet gray forecast, the weekend weather is looking to be great for the annual Patty in the Parc celebration in downtown Lafayette. The forecast for Saturday is a mix of clouds and sun with a high temperature in the low 70's.

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