The last thing anyone wants to do when temperatures are below freezing is jump in a pool, but that's what one Lafayette woman had to do to save the new family puppy.

Lauren Viator says when she saw her parents puppy fall into the pool she jumped right in after it out of "pure instinct." But there was more to this story than that fact that she jumped into a pool in freezing temps.

In an email to the station, Lauren said her parents haven't had the best of luck with dogs and pools.

Beau was a Miniature yorkie we bought in 2000 as our family dog. In 2014 he started to lose his sight and move a little slower. Routinely him and mom would go out in the backyard during the day. They went out together and she left him out for a little longer. Sometimes he would sneak under the fence to head out into the front yard. Later in the day Beau it was noticed he hadn't been seen for a little while. Because of his old age he would hide under the bed sometimes just for a little quiet time. We searched and searched. Even put out something in Facebook. It wasn't until my mom realized that afternoon maybe she should check the cameras. She checked the camera from they time they went outside to when she noticed he wasn't around. The security camera showed he fell into the swimming pool and instead of swimming to the ledge like he had hundreds of times before, his blindness didn't help this and instead of swimming to the ledge he swam straight into the pool skimmer where he drowned. It was a terrible feeling for all of us but especially for my parents who he lived with. They built him a box and buried him in the backyard with a stone to always remember him. About a year later..they decided it was time for another baby and so they just purchased this Poochon at Christmas time. He's about 12 weeks old. So when he fell in it was instinct to save him being my mom had just lost our dog of 15 years to such a horrific accident. We laughed at the footage because it's funny as all get up (because obviously dogs just know how to swim) but I was NOT about to let this baby go.

We're just glad the puppy is safe and she has feeling in her feet again!

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