Nagging soreness, aching muscles, even swelling and inflammation, those maladies might become a smaller issue in your life if a new product developed by a Lake Charles physician is deemed to be appropriate for your condition.

For many who suffer from chronic pain, the choices for relief were often painful injections or medicines that have side effects that could be detrimental to liver and kidney function, or the use of a myriad or ointments and salves. Dr. Craig Morton who practices at the Center for Orthopaedics believes a new pain relief cream that has been approved by the FDA might be just the answer to those other options.

I’ve been able to see what’s been most effective in my clinic and over time have been able to work with the lab to put a cream together that, in my opinion, takes the best of all these creams- the best ingredients that seem to work the best.

The new product is called Aculeve. The product is available without a prescription and it's claims and uses have been evaluated and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Morton explained to the Louisiana Radio Network that this pain relief cream is a combination of what the medical community and patients are already comfortable with.

There are several ingredients that go into a lot of the pain creams today that are safe for over the counter use, and that’s what I was looking for, something that was easy to get.

The product is available online and based on testimonials from patients who have used the new product it does seem to work as advertised. Dr. Morton says the duration of pain relief is significant for those who are hurting.

The duration is varied anywhere from two to three hours. It can be applied up to four times a day. So some people apply it that much, some people save it for when they need it the most.

As with any medicinal product, we suggest that you speak to your health care provider and see if this product is a good choice for your continued good health.

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