Many years ago when Louisiana's legislature was approving casino gambling in the state a lot of us wondered about the wisdom of making them all "riverboats".  I know it was a barrier to entry to keep the riff-raff out of Governor Edwin Edwards's plans to control the licenses but let's face it. The concept really wasn't that bright.

Finally, after a few decades and a hurricane or two,  Louisiana's Gaming Control Board and the Legislature have decided that land-based casinos might not be such a bad idea. They appear to be working out quite well in Mississippi.

That's why I am excited that Lake Charles' Isle of Capri Casino will be the first in the state to make the move off the boat and on to the shore. The casino, owned and operated by Eldorado Resorts, was granted permission to make the move next week.

The $112 million project will bring a new gaming area to the Isle of Capri. It will also allow for some additional restaurants and amenities such as lounges and live performance areas. Construction on the project is expected to begin soon.

State law requires those riverboat casinos wishing to transition inland stay within at least 1,200 feet of their existing location. So, the new facility will be right at the water's edge, just not on the water like all those ( wink wink nudge nudge) riverboats are currently. .


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