Some college football coaches understand social media better than others. No one is better at it than Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin.

For those unaware of Kiffin's history with the Tennessee Volunteers, he spent one season as head football coach in 2009 before abruptly leaving to take the USC job.

Students and fans were so upset by the quick exit and circumstances surrounding it, that they blocked the exit from the Neyland Thompson Sports Center on campus where Kiffin's office was and lit small fires nearby.

Time has not healed all wounds, as the fanbase still despises Kiffin, while Kiffin has no issue trolling Volunteer fans.

Kiffin promised Volunteer fans he was all in at Tennessee when he took the job in 2009, even naming his newly born son Knox after Knoxville, the city in which the University is located. His exit left a shockwave that clearly remains palpable today.

Over the weekend, the #1 ranked Tennessee Volunteers baseball team was upset at home by Notre Dame, losing two out of three games in the Knoxville Super Regional.

During game 1 on Friday night, Tennesee outfielder Drew Gilbert was ejected, and a mustard bottle was reportedly thrown on the field.

Last fall, mustard bottles were thrown on the football field when Ole Miss defeated Tennessee. Kiffin said a golf ball was also thrown at him that night, leading him to tweet the following on Friday after Gilbert's ejection.

The tweet itself is funny, and a light burn by Kiffin.

However, it was his follow-up to a Volunteer fan's response asking how Knox was doing that was epic.

My goodness.

This one must truly sting Tennessee fans, who are licking their wounds today.

The Volunteers were the prohibitive favorite to win the College World Series this year, while Ole Miss was reportedly the last at-large team in the field of 64.

Now the Rebels are going to the College World Series, while the Vols stay home in Knoxville...and get trolled by Lane Kiffin.

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